QSM³ Certification

Excellence and mastery in any endeavor defines character. For it is not ‘being the best’ but ‘doing our best’ that exemplifies our commitment and focus. The certification process of QSM³ is a four part series that comprises the most current models in biomechanics integrated with a Global – Tonal adjusting release. QSM3 certification is the path that forges the pinnacle standard for chiropractic excellence.

Certification is defined by our willingness to step forward to mentoring scrutiny that opens our awareness towards higher personal growth and professional expansion.

These are the four levels for certification. If you would like to enter the certification process, please register and check the qualifications for each level and submit your application below.

Apply Level Q – Attended 2 QSM³ classes, Q Test (webinar based)

Fee: $150 – follow up fee: 50%

Apply LEVEL QS – Attended 4 QSM³ classes, S Test (webinar based)

Fee: $250 – follow up fee: 50%

Apply Level QSM – Evaluate 3 case studies at a QSM³ class by a panel of 3 instructors

Time: 1 Hour Fee: $500 – follow up fee: 50%

Apply QSM³ Full Board Certification Your office, 5 patients, Biomechanics, Connectivity, Release  – 80%  

To apply, please contact Dr. Friedman at rf@qsm3.com.

Fee: $1500 – follow up fee: 50%

“For us to be balanced we must balance the physical and the spirit, innate intelligence, or energy (force).”

Russell Friedman DC, Board Certified: QSM³, NUCCA, Orthospinology, BSME