QSM³ Certification

Excellence and mastery in any endeavor defines character. For it is not ‘being the best’ but ‘doing our best’ that exemplifies our commitment and focus. The certification process of QSM³ is a four part series that comprises the highest standard in analytical equipment and doctor ethics. Certification is defined by our willingness to stand in a place that opens our inner self to personal and professional unlimited growth, scrutiny, and freedom.

If you would like to enter the certification process, please register and check the qualifiers for the level you desire and submit your request along with any current certifications you hold. All candidates will be assessed separately and you will receive an email letter containing the results, and if accepted, your custom recommendation.

This is QSM3 member-only testing. Make sure you have met the requirements for the level chosen. They can be found on the QSM3 site under “For Doctors” and “Certification”.

These are the four levels for certification:

Apply Level Q – Attended 2 consecutive MOD 1 national conferences, Active member 1 year, & 80% on written Q Test (webinar based)

Fee: $150 Q level Exemption: Any member with a level 2 certification from another UC technique qualifies to:

  1. Complete written S TEST
  2. Be active member 2 years, attend 2 MOD 1 and @ MOD 2 consecutively

Apply LEVEL QS – Attended 2 consecutive MOD1, 2 consecutive MOD2, Active member 2 years, & 80% on written S Test (webinar based)

Fee: $250

Apply Level QSM – Active member, evaluate 3 case studies at a national conference by a panel of 3 QSM or QSM3 certification level Doctors to include:

Time: 1 Hour Fee: $500

  1. Visual Posture
  2. Leg check, PMD and postural listings
  3. Headpiece listings
  4. Integration, decompression, skull, frontal, patient placement
  5. Patterns, Decompression, Basic & JAM Protocols
  6. Pathway Access, mechanical advantage, aponeurosis angles
  7. Dynamic adjusting, Connectivity
  8. OOPM

Apply QSM³ Full Board Certified – Completed level QSM, demonstrate at your office the corrective process of 5 consecutive patients using the complete QSM3 protocol and answer verbally the questions throughout the process by a certified doctor. To apply, please contact Dr. Friedman at rf@qsm3.com.

Fee: $1000

“For us to be balanced we must balance the physical and the spirit, innate intelligence, or energy (force).”

Russell Friedman DC, Board Certified: QSM³, NUCCA, Orthospinology, BSME